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FAQ01193 of Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01193

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Support Software "Smart Monitor" does not start properly. What is causing this, and what can be done to resolve it?


Check the following items.

1.Make sure that the Sensor Head is connected to the Amplifier Unit and that it operating properly.

2.Is the operating mode switch on the Amplifier Unit in RUN mode?

If it is in any other mode, the Smart Monitor will not operate properly.

3.Try resetting the Amplifier Unit or turning the power OFF and ON.

4.Is the connecting cable a D-sub 9-pin (female/male) cross cable?

5.If a USB-232C cable is used, make sure that the cable is not faulty.

6.Make sure that the connecting cable is connected properly.

7.Try reinstalling the "Smart Monitor".

8.Turn ON the power to the Sensor and then start the "Smart Monitor".

9.The "Smart Monitor" operation has been verified only with Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Are you using one of these?

10.Check the communications conditions. (The baud rate is fixed at 38,400 bps. Check that the COM port number is correct.)

11.Are other applications using the same COM port? (An error message saying that the communications port cannot be opened will appear.) If this is the case, set another COM port and restart the software.

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