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Sensor I/O Connectors

Wire Sensors using connectors to simplify wiring work, reduce facilities maintenance time, and standardize wiring quality.

Sensor I/O Connectors List

There are 4 products of Sensor I/O Connectors.

XS2 Round Water-resistant Connectors (M12 Threads) XS2

Water- and Environment-resistive FA Connectors Save Wiring and Maintenance Effort

XS5 Round Water-resistant Connectors (M12 Smartclick) XS5

Round Water-resistive Smartclick Connectors That Reduce Installation Work

XW3D Connector Terminal Boxes XW3D

Simple Wiring of Sensor Actuators

XS3 Round Water-resistant Connectors (M8/S8) XS3

Small Round Water-resistive Connectors