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Round Water-resistant Connectors (M12 Smartclick)


Round Water-resistive Smartclick Connectors That Reduce Installation Work

Round Waterproof Pressure-welded Assembly Connectors

XS5 Features 2
XS5 Features 3
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Smartclick Connectors

It's a twist-and-click connection.

An innovative new lock structure makes connection extremely simple. The lock mechanism is internal, so it will no longer become jammed by sputtered fluids or dust. Also, the use of a movable lock bolt makes it possible to connect the Smartclick XS5 to a screw-type M12 connector.

All combinations are connectable.

XS5 Features 7

The Smartclick XS5 "clicks" to tell you it's connected.

A positive clicking feel tells you for sure that the Connector is securely locked.

XS5 Features 8

Locking is done with approximately 1/8th of a turn.

The Smartclick XS5 has the industry's shortest locking rotation of 1/8th of a turn. There's no need to keep track of locking torque, and this greatly reduces time and effort when wiring.

XS5 Features 9

A bayonet lock mechanism is used.

By using a bayonet mechanism, which is a common locking method, the Smartclick XS5 eliminates any concerns about loosening.

XS5 Features 10