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Connector Terminal Boxes


Simple Wiring of Sensor Actuators

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Rated current 4 A/port, 12 A/Box (power line)
Rated voltage 10 to 30 VDC
Contact resistance (connector) 40 mΩ max. (20 mV max., 100 mA max.)
Insulation resistance 1,000 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength (connector) 500 VAC for 1 min (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Degree of protection IP6 7 (IEC60529)
Insertion tolerance 50 times min.
Lock strength Pulling: 100 N/15 s, Twisting: 1 N·m/15 s
Cable holding strength 100 N/15 s
Lock operating force 0.1 to 0.25 N·m
Ambient temperature range Operating: -25 to 70°C *

*Use the robot cable within a temperature range between 0°C and 70°C to prevent the wires inside the cable from being broken when bending it.

Materials and Finish

Item Materials/finish
Contacts Brass/nickel base, 0.4-μm gold-plating
Fixtures Nickel-plated zinc alloy
Case PBT resin (UL94V-O), light gray
Bushing Rubber
O-ring Rubber
PCB Glass epoxy board
Sealing resin Urethane resin (UL94V-0)
Cable UL AWM2464
Signal lines: AWG22
Power and ground lines: AWG18

Connection Combinations

OMRON model no. Twist-and-Click Plug Connectors M12 Plug Connectors
XS5W (plug end),
XS5R (plug end)
XS2W (plug end),
XS2R (plug end)
Connector Terminal Box XW3D

XW3D Specifications 5 XW3D_Spec3