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FAQ00314 of Proximity Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00314

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What happens if Proximity Sensors are used in high temperatures?


The change in the specified sensing distance will be larger than the specified value if Proximity Sensors are used at a temperature higher than the specified operating temperature range.

Generally, the sensing distance will increase at high temperatures, and so the operating point and reset point will both increase, the differential (i.e., the difference between the operating point and the reset point) will widen, and Proximity Sensors will tend to not reset even if it operates. If the temperature rises further and the operating point increases, Sensors will operate even if there is not a sensing object.

In addition to the change in the sensing distance, it is probable that Sensors will eventually fail, due to heat resistance temperatures for each component (e.g., electronic components, resin, and cables). Use Sensors within the specified temperature range.