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FAQ00363 of Proximity Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00363

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What precautions are there for using Proximity Sensors at a closer distance than the distance given in the catalog for preventing mutual interference?


Consider the following points to determine if Proximity Sensors are placed closer together than the distance given in the catalog. There is variation in the oscillating frequency of each Sensor within a specific range. The effects of mutual interference occur when the oscillating frequencies are close together. Normally, the rate at which mutual interference will occur depends on the probability that oscillating frequencies with variation will be close together.

Few Combinations and Few Sensors Used

Actually mount Sensors and let workpieces pass by to check that malfunctions do not occur.

Many Combinations and Many Sensors Used

Increasing the number of Sensors used increases the probability of oscillating frequencies coming close together, so mount the Sensors at distances of at least the catalog values.