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FAQ00388 of Proximity Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00388

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The Proximity Sensor remains to turn on while using the Proximity Sensor near the magnetic field source. How to avoid this phenomenon? And why does it occur?



The proximity sensor receives the influence of the magnetic field in the following process, and causes the malfunction.

Measures to avoid:

(1) The magnetism of the magnetic field source or the proximity sensor is blocked by an iron plate (magnetic).

(2) We recommend replacement for the capacitive proximity sensor (the E2K Series, E2KQ Series and E2J Series).

Because the capacitive proximity sensor does not use the core (magnetic material) in the above figure, the influence of the magnetic field is not received.

(3) For high frequency oscillation proximity sensor (the E2E Series and TL Series, etc.), please consider that DC/AC magnetic field is 200G or less on the sensing surface of sensor when the sensor is installed.

If it is 200G or less, it is possible to use it.