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FAQ00434 of Proximity Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00434

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Is it possible to use the Proximity Sensor near the magnetic field (magnet)?


Capacitive proximity sensor (the E2K Series, the E2KQ Series and the E2J Series)

It is possible to use it.

Because the core is not used, the influence of the magnetic field is not received.

For high frequency oscillation proximity sensor

(the E2E Series and the TL Series excluding the TL-L100 Series, etc.)

If DC/AC magnetic field is 200G or less on the sensing surface of sensor, it is possible to use it.

The proximity sensor cannot oscillate and turns on when using it in the environment where 200G or more magnetic field is generated.

The sensing distance extends when the proximity sensor does not turn on, and there is a possibility that faulty reset and turning on are generated by the environmental temperature change.