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FAQ03511 of Proximity Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03511

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How many 2-wire DC Proximity Sensors can be connected to the input side of B7AP Power Couplers?


1.Power Supplied to One Side

Up to ten Sensors can be connected if power is supplied only to B7AP-S1 (Stationary Units).

1-1. Connect B7A Input Unit to the B7AP-M1 (Moving Units).

Output current from Moving Unit: 38 mA (output voltage: 12 VDC)

Input current per B7A Input Unit: 3.8 mA

Given the conditions above, up to ten inputs can be used.

1-2. The output current of 38 mA from Moving Units do not include the current consumed for B7A Input Units itself.

2.Power Supplied to Both Sides

Up to 16 Sensors can be connected if power is supplied to both sides of the B7AP-S1 and B7AP-M1. In this case, a 2-wire AC Sensor or Programmable Controllers can also be connected.

Power and Transmission Signal: Power Supplied to One Side

Transmission Signal Only: Power Supplied to Both Sides