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FAQ00401 of Photoelectric Sensors FAQ

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Are Photoelectric Sensors that can be used in locations subject to water available?


Using models that provide an IP67 degree of protection is recommended.


Items with an IP67 degree of protection satisfy the level of protection defined by IEC standard 60529 as shown in the following figures.

LevelDegree of protectionTest method
IP67Protection against immersion in water
Water will not penetrate the item if it is immersed in water at the specified pressure and for the specified time.Immersion to a depth of 1 m for 30 min.

Typical models that provide IP67 protection are E3Z Series Photoelectric Sensors, E3S-A/B Series, and E32 Series.

For details, refer to Sensors Catalog. Be sure, however, to heed the following precautions.

1.Malfunction may occur if there is water on the lens surface. (Through-beam Sensors and Retroreflective Sensors may incorrectly detect light interruption. Diffuse-reflective Sensors may incorrectly detect light incidence, and the sensing distance will decrease.)

2.Photoelectric Sensors cannot be used if the case or lens is immersed in oil. E3S-C Series with IP67g protection (oil-resistant construction) is recommended for use in locations subject to oil.