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FAQ00409 of Photoelectric Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00409

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Are Photoelectric Sensors that can be used in water available?


Yes. It is possible to use E32-series Optical Fiber Photoelectric Sensors, which have no electric components. Usage, however, is restricted by the model. Refer to the following conditions.


Only models with IP67 protection can be used. Side-view models, however, including E32-T24/D24 and E32-T14L/D14L, cannot be used even with IP67 protection because in the water, light will continue through without being reflected. E39-F1/F3 also cannot be used because the effectiveness of the lens will be lost.

Also heed the following precautions when using Photoelectric Sensors in water.

1.Light will be attenuated in water. The transmission rate will be as given in the following table depending on the type of light source.

Type of light sourceTransmission rate (%)
Installation distance: 1 cmInstallation distance: 10 cm
Red light (650 to 700 nm)98.586
Infrared light (940 nm)8010.7

Note:Use an Amplifier with red light that has a high transmission rate if the Photoelectric Sensors are used in water.

2.Depending on the light source, further attenuation may occur if residue or dirt becomes attached to the fiber surface.