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FAQ00422 of Photoelectric Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ00422

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What are the methods of mutual interference prevention in through-beam photoelectric sensors?


Point of mutual interference prevention

The light of other sensor do not enter own receiver.
Prevention methods are as follows.

1. Setting of out of parallel operating range

Please confirm parallel operating range on the catalog, install setting distance of adjacent sensor by 1.5 times min.

2. Alternate arrangement setting of photoelectric sensor

Up to two sets of emitters and receivers can be attached closely as following alternative arrangement.


The light of the next emitter might be received when the sensing object is close to the photoelectric sensor.

3. Use of mutual interference prevention filter

By use of mutual interference prevention filter, up to 2 sets can be attached closely.
Mutual interference prevention filters are as follows.

E39-E6 for E3S-A
E39-E8 for E3S-B
E39-E11 for E3Z-T[][]A

4. Mutual interference prevention by adjusting sensitivity

When sensing distance is shorter than rating setting distance, the influence of mutual interference is nothing by lowering sensitivity volume though it depends on the customer applications and the selection models.