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FAQ03192 of Photoelectric Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03192

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We detect shiny objects using Retroreflective Sensors with the MSR (Mirror Surface Rejection) function, and malfunction occasionally occurs. What is the cause of this problem and how can it be corrected?


Retroreflective Sensors normally have the MSR function, and so shiny sensing objects can also be detected. Perform a test before using Sensors for sensing objects with an extremely high degree of shine or for objects to which transparent film is applied, such as those objects in the following list. Reflected light received from the object may result in unstable operation.

Examples of Sensing Objects with Possible Unstable Sensors Operation

1.Cardboard boxes covered with a transparent sheet (i.e., shrink-wrapped)

2.Semi-transparent resin cartons

3.Aluminum vapor-deposited shiny vinyl bags

4.Cigarette packs covered with transparent vinyl

Using Through-beam Sensors are recommended for detecting sensing objects like those listed above.