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FAQ03445 of Contact Sensors / Liquid Leakage Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03445

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What are the characteristics of the 1st and 2nd stage outputs of the D5R-1517 Inclination Sensor?


The D5R-1517 has a two-stage operation.

(1) The 1st stage output is a 1-Hz intermittent output.

The deviation of the operating angle (ON) for the 1st stage is as follows:

15 °±1.5 ° (+13.5° to 16.5°)

-15°±1.5° (-13.5° to -16.5°)

(2) The 2nd stage output is a continuous output.

angle: 1st stage operating angle +2°±1° (1st stage +1 to +3°)

angle: 1st stage operating angle -2°±1° (1st stage -1 to -3°)

Hysteresis width s not stipulated y standards.

The actual hysteresis width is 0.1° max.

The intermittent and continuous outputs are output from the same open-collector output.