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FAQ01260 of Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ01260

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How far should E4PA Ultrasonic Sensor be separated from each other?


Separate the Sensors as specified in the following table when using two or more Sensors in close proximity to one another.

Parallel Arrangement:

E4PA-LS50-M10.3 m min.
E4PA-LS200-M11 m min.
E4PA-LS400-M12 m min.
E4PA-LS600-M12.5 m min.

Note:The values shown in the table are for reference only. The actual values will vary depending on the surface conditions of the sensing object, and on the ultrasonic waves that are reflected. Moreover, if the sensing object is inclined, the Y value in the table will be increased further.

Facing Arrangement:

E4PA-LS50-M12 m min.
E4PA-LS200-M18 m min.
E4PA-LS400-M116 m min.
E4PA-LS600-M125 m min.