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FAQ03271 of Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03271

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What is the service life of Z300 High-precision Laser Profiling System?


The service life of the Z300 depends on the lifetime of the laser.

Therefore it depends on the type of the laser that is being used.




The following table lists the estimated service life of the above lasers.

Service life of the Z300 (laser)

Ambient operating
Service life (hours)Service life (years)
Operation for 8 hours/day, 6 days/week
Z300-S5/-S1030°CApprox. 140,000 hours58 years
40°CApprox. 70,000 hours29 years
50°CApprox. 37,000 hours15 years
Z300-S230°CApprox. 170,000 hours68 years
40°CApprox. 94,000 hours48 years
50°CApprox. 57,000 hours23 years
Z300-S6030°CApprox. 140,000 hours58 years
40°CApprox. 85,000 hours34 years
50°CApprox. 47,000 hours19 years

*Definition of service life: The time taken for the failure rate to reach 60%
Failure rate: The proportion of samples in which the laser operating current increases by 20%

Note:vv10 Sensors were used, and 6 of them fail, the failure rate is said to have reached 60%.

The above data is for reference only. They are not guaranteed values. They will vary depending on the environment in which the Sensor is used.