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FAQ03337 of Displacement Sensors / Measurement Sensors FAQ

FAQ No. FAQ03337

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What is the width resolution of the Z500 Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor?


The CCD size of the light receiver element of the Z500 is 126 × 1,024 pixels.

The width resolution is 126 pixels. The value of the measurement range of each Sensor Head of the Z500 divided by the width resolution is the resolution per pixel.

The width resolution is listed below for each Sensor Head when the measurement mode is set to the wide mode.

The measurement range for the standard distance (measurement distance at center) of the Z500-SW2T is 2.3 mm. Therefore, the width resolution is approximately 18 μm/pixel = 2.3 mm/126 pixels.

The measurement range of the Z500-SW6 is 6.3 mm.

Approximately 50 μm⁄pixel = 6.3 mm⁄126 pixels

The measurement range of the Z500-SW17 is 17.3 mm.

Approximately 137 μm⁄pixel = 17.3 mm⁄126 pixels

The measurement range varies a little depending on the height of measurement.

The resolution is a calculated value and should be used only as an approximation.

Check the measurement accuracy with the actual system to see if it is adequate for your requirements.

Resolutions are listed for both wide and zoom measurement modes. Please use this information as guide. A diagram showing the measurement range is attached.

Measurement modeWideZoom
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance + 0.8 mm2.20.73
Resolution μs/pixel4215
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance + 0 mm2.30.76
Resolution μs/pixel4515
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance - 0.8 mm2.40.8
Resolution μs/pixel4815
Measurement modeWideZoom
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance + 5 mm62
Resolution μs/pixel4816
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance + 0 mm6.32.1
Resolution μs/pixel5017
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance - 5 mm6.82.2
Resolution μs/pixel5417
Measurement modeWideZoom
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance + 20 mm14.54.8
Resolution μs/pixel11538
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance + 0 mm17.35.7
Resolution μs/pixel13745
Measurement width (mm)Standard distance - 20 mm20.16.7
Resolution μs/pixel16053

Note:Resolutions are rounded to the nearest microsecond.

Super High-precision Model: Z500-SW2T


Long-range Model: Z500-SW17