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Switch Mode Power Supply (15/25/35/50/75/100/150/200/350-W Models)


High Reliability at a Reasonable Cost. Reliable, Basic Power Supplies That Contribute to Stable Equipment Operation.

To Improve Reliability of Euipment, Start with Power Supply Selection

How does a Power Supply contribute to stable equipment operation?

Do your power supplies stop due to unexpected external disturbances?
You can increase your equipment operating rates by selecting Power Supplies that have a high resistance to external disturbances.

Designed to Withstand Abnormal Input Voltages Up to 300 VAC*1

In locations where the supply of power is not stable, it is common for abnormal voltages around 300 VAC to be input momentarily. The S8FS withstands this type of momentary abnormal input voltage.
*1. It is not a guaranteed value.

Improved Resistance to Noise of Several Tens of kHz from Inverters

Malfunctions in power supplies can be caused by strong noise of several tens of kHz transmitted from inverters or motors on the same AC line. OMRON measured the noise frequencies and sizes that occurred in actual machines in the past and used them as a standard to improve the noise resistance of the S8FS by harnessing circuit design knowhow to prevent noise from reaching the control section

Lightening Surge Resistance of 1.5 Times*1 the Standard Value

The catalog value conforms to the value specified in IEC 61000-4-5, but it has been confirmed that the ability has a margin of 1.5 times that value.
*1. It is not a guaranteed value.

S8FS-C Features 5

Design with details in mind provides stable quality and reliability.

S8FS-C Features 6

*2. Valid only for the following operating conditions: Average ambient operating temperature of the product at 40°C max.,
       average load rate of 80% max., and srandards mounting.

Automatic lines are used in the manufacturing processes to ensure stable Power Supply quality.

OMRON boasts a 38-year track record in Power Supplies.