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ZUV Series

Smart Curing System

ZUV Series

Anywhere in the world


Type Model
Multi-function model ZUV-C40H

Note: ZUV-C40H includes an AC adapter. ZUV-C40H-D does not include an AC adapter.

Head Unit *

Type Cable length Model
Standard head 2 m ZUV-HN20MD 2M
0.3 m ZUV-HN30MD 0.3M
Ultra cooling head 0.3 m ZUV-HN10MD 0.3M
2 m ZUV-HN10MD 2M
Diffuse illumination head 2 m ZUV-HN25MD 2M
0.3 m ZUV-HN35MD 0.3M

* 365 - nm light source wavelength. Models are also available with a 385-nm light source wavelength.
(Standard head: ZUV-H21MC 2M/H11MC 2M, diffuse illumination head: ZUV-H26MC 2M) Use with the ZUV-C30H Controller.

Lens Unit

Type Spot Model
Spot lens Spot dia.: 3 mm ZUV-L3H
Spot dia.: 4 mm ZUV-L4H
Spot dia.: 6 mm ZUV-L6H
Spot dia.: 8 mm ZUV-L8H
Spot dia.: 10 mm ZUV-L10H
Ultra light focus lens Spot dia.: 2 mm ZUV-L2H
Line beam lens Beam width: 12 mm ZUV-L12L
Beam width: 15 mm ZUV-L15L
Side-view lens * Spot dia.: 3 mm ZUV-L3S
Spot dia.: 4 mm ZUV-L4S
Spot dia.: 6 mm ZUV-L6S
Spot dia.: 8 mm ZUV-L8S
Spot dia.: 10 mm ZUV-L10S
Diffusing lens (for diffuse illumination head) Spot dia.: 12 mm ZUV-L12H

* When using ZUV-HN25MD/HN35MD diffuse illumination head with side-view lens, we recommend using ZUV-L3S/L4S.

For Extending Length between Controller and Heads

Type Cable length Model
Extension cable 2 m ZUV-XCN02A
5 m ZUV-XCN05A
10 m ZUV-XCN10A